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Detailing Today’s Severe Weather Threats: Wind, Hail & Tornado

When the weather balloon went up this morning, it found plenty of severe weather ingredients. The Storm Prediction Center responded with its morning update. Here it is.

We are under a Slight Risk of severe weather today:

The probability of damaging winds (58 mph or more) happening within 25 miles of you is 15%:

The probability of large hail (1″ or more) occurring within 25 miles of you is also 15%:

The probability of a tornado happening within 25 miles of you is 2%:

Storms are already starting to pop up in Middle TN. These will be small or clustered storms which might reach severe thresholds. Lightning is likely inside any storm. Storms are expected to be more numerous during the afternoon heat, then decrease as the sun goes down.

SPC will release a new update around lunch. Follow us on Twitter or watch our Twitter timeline on this page for more specific storm information.

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