Backpedalling (a Bit) on Tomorrow’s Rain

Yesterday’s forecast called for about 1.25″ of rain tomorrow. Time to backpedal!  Looks like the rainmaker is going to move further south and way east of us. We still think it’ll rain, just not that much.

NWS forecasts 0.53″ for Davidson Co., 0.55″ for Williamson Co.

Here’s the Weather Prediction Center’s rainfall map:


Friday we clear out the clouds while Spring drives in and unpacks its things. Spring will have taken up residence Saturday, arriving gloriously, with early morning temps in the mid 40s, warming into the low 70s in the afternoon.  Perfect weather for the WillPower5K!  Sign up here:

Weather models continue to advertise severe weather potential for the middle of next week. Any severe weather forecast more than three days away is magic, so any details would ultimately be meaningless. I mention this to remind you we are in the middle of severe weather season. Spring is a saucy lass, but she has a violent side. Stay tuned.