Easter Morning Forecast - Rain?

Some of you are hoping to have outdoor services celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. Others may be planning to wear fancy clothes and hide eggs outside Sunday morning. Many of you will be doing both.

There is a chance of rain Sunday morning. Below is what the models say, but first, note: these are only models. They change all the time, and sometimes they’re wrong. So, the point of this post is to let you know rain may be an issue, and if you have plans outdoors Sunday morning, you may need a Plan B.

One model rains us out Easter Sunday morning, the other doesn’t.

The GFS (Global Forecast System) is an American model. When it does well, people say it’s as good as the European model. When it does poorly, they call it the OooFuS.

Anyway, the GFS says it’ll rain Friday and again Saturday. On Sunday morning, rain is approaching.

Sunday 10AM –

Sunday at 10am. Rain moving toward us.

Then by 1PM Sunday, it’s raining –

I like to think we beat Europe at lots of things. But, a strong argument can be made their weather model is better than ours. It says it’ll rain while we sleep Sunday morning. Here’s that model at 7AM (the map, zoomed in on Tennessee, isn’t that good), which says it’s still raining:

euro 6am

At 10AM it’s still raining, but the rain is on its way out –

euro 10am

I’d have a Plan B.