After the Rain…(a cold wind, snow in the air)

This post is brought to you by a song I really still like no longer like anymore, from Nelson.


Even though we may still see a few more drive-thru showers this afternoon, the majority of the rain and all of the storms are gone. Strong winds are piling into Middle TN. Wind gusts were found to our west, and moving our way, in the 20 and 30mph range around 3:15pm today:

Winds gusting

Any stray showers tonight might freeze into snowflakes and settle on your grills, decks, shaded roofs, etc.  Below is the HRRR model depiction for snow showers which may pass through tonight. The image shows how much snow might fall – but is very unlikely to stick – as of 2am Monday morning. Keep in mind this is just one model. It may be wrong. Also, the ground/roads are pretty warm. We don’t expect travel issues.

Snow through Sun 2 am

More on the s–w chances tonight.

Nelson might as well have been singing about the snow: “The only thing he ever gave you was a broken heart.