The Intern Applicant #2: On More Rain and (LOL) Snow

(Editor’s Note: When the Intern, @yakishk, took this gig, he agreed to (1) not get paid, (2) be dependable, responsible, and professional, and (3) find us his replacement.

He has been terrific. He will soon graduate and enter the real world of crushed dreams and disappointment opportunity. He has found underclassmenandwomen who are interested in getting some experience and honing writing/communication skills by becoming The Intern 2.0.  read more

Mother Nature Knows…

Mother Nature* knows that College FOOTBAW (Editor’s Note: this misspelling appears to be intentional; draw your own inferences) season has begun. It just wouldn’t be tailgating for the opening game of the season if we didn’t burn ourselves to a crisp like those brats/hotdogs/hamburgers/bacon wrapped jalepenos filled with cream cheese (ya buddy). read more