Holding On So Very Tight To This Weather

Today was/will be one of the last days we experience nice temperatures for the foreseeable future.

Summer Like Heat by End of The Week, Tuesday – Sunday, June 11-16, 2024. Tuesday – Wednesday: 74-86, comfortable humidity, 0% chance of 90+.  Thursday and Friday: 85-95, becoming more humid, 40-90% chance of 90+. Saturday and Sunday: 89-98, Humid, 70-100 of 90+

NWS Nashville made this handy dandy graph to show how to combo of temperatures + humidity will worsen throughout the week. Emphasis on worsen.

Wednesday still not too bad as dewpoints will still be in the 50s, Thursday gives us a sample of what the weekend will be like.

By Friday it is full on hot and humid.

Heat index values around 100° Friday – at least Monday. Our current forecast high temperature for Sunday is 99°, just one degree short of our daily record high set back in 1952.

There are not any rain chances worth mentioning to help cool us down either. We are left to sweat.

Things might get worse before they get better.

The Climate Prediction Center’s Risk of Hazardous Temperatures Outlook for the June 19-25 period depicts a moderate risk (40 to 60 percent chance) of excessive heat for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast June 19-21 and portions of the Middle Mississippi and Ohio Valleys June 19-23. A broader region of slight risk (20 to 40 percent chance) of excessive heat includes much of the remainder of the eastern U.S.

We have a 40-60% chance of excessive heat 6/19 – 6/23. No thanks.

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