Mostly Dry Friday Evening, Dodging Rain on Saturday

Some light showers are possible thru the rest of the evening into tonight; I think most outdoor activities should be safe. No rainouts if you do see any rain, just some light rain.

Rain chances stick with us for Saturday. No way of knowing for sure when/where. ‘Tis the season.

HRRR model above gives its’ best guess of what the radar will look like tomorrow. Don’t take to heart exactly where the rain/storms are, more of just to show the possibility of rain Saturday morning thru the evening. Rain coverage should start to decrease near sunset. No severe storms expected, but some could contain lightning. If thunder roars, go indoors. Having an indoor backup plan is not a bad idea.

Sunday will mark the beginning of a few warm (hot?) and dry days strung together. We should be dry Sunday thru Tuesday, along with dealing with high temperatures that will be about 10° above average. We’ll get a few attempts at seeing our first 90° day of the year.

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