Showers Possible Friday + Saturday, Warmup Inbound

A nice and warm Thursday evening in store for us. All outdoor activities have the green light.

We’ll still deal with some rain chances Friday, but models have been trending towards lighter and less rain.

HRRR model (above) shows a majority of the rain falling during the AM hours. This run of the HRRR model thinks evening activities will be mostly dry. I’m not totally sold on that yet, but I am optimistic. We are no longer outlooked for any severe weather chances, hooray.

Scattered rain chances continue Saturday afternoon, maybe a storm or two, no severe concerns tho. Hard at this point to try to get too specific with ETAs due to the scattered nature of the rain. Some may get away with a nice and dry day, others not so much. Embrace the uncertainty.

Sunday I think the majority of us get away with a dry day but can’t totally rule out a stray shower.

Monday and Tuesday both look very warm, highs in the upper 80s both days. Will we reach 90° for the first time this year?

Who Knows Yes GIF by Bounce

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