Beautiful Weekend Ahead, Northern Lights Rumors?

A very nice Friday unfolding. I got the privilege to caddy a good friend of mine in a disc golf tournament this morning, got to enjoy the nice weather and some discs.

Our dry and mild weather will continue throughout the weekend. All outdoor activities look great. Steeplechase, any Mother’s Day plans, all look splendid.

A few of our major rivers continue to run a tad high, but should start to recede in the next several days, if they have not already.

A lot floating around the internet/X about a big geomagnetic storm happening. Truth be told, I don’t know a whole lot about space weather, I have a hard enough time with earth weather.

Rumors flying around include the potential of being able to see the northern lights as far south as our neck of the woods. I don’t feel qualified enough to even speak on the subject. The legend himself, James Spann sums it up perfectly. You can replace Alabama with Tennesse.

So, unfortunately, your chances of seeing the aurora here in Tennessee seems very low. Skies will be clear tonight, but other factors such as light pollution don’t help our case either.

Rain chances return Monday and continue into Tuesday. No severe weather or excess rainfall expected.

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