Dodging Showers + Storms This Weekend, Unsettled Next 7 Days.

Isolated non-severe thunderstorms are possible throughout the evening. Most of us should stay dry, but a few unlucky folks may get caught in the rain.

The HRRR model gives its’ best guess at what we could be dealing with tonight, but models have a tough time handling these situations very well.

We’ll have our eyes on the radar and send out updates as needed. Keep a radar handy if venturing out tonight (we have one here if needed: Radar – Nashville Severe Weather). I don’t see a need to cancel outdoor plans, but having some rain gear handy and an indoor back-up plan would be a safe call. When thunder roars, go indoors!

Saturday we’ll be in about the same situation. No severe weather expected, but some thunderstorms are yet again possible.

HRRR model shows the possibility of showers/storms at random places at random times tomorrow. Impossible to know any exact ETAs or locations affected. A few lucky folks may stay dry, while others get some rain. Again, I don’t see a need to cancel any outdoor plans but having an indoor back-up plan will be comforting. Check back for updates!

Sunday we might be able to get away with dry weather during the day, before more rain chances return Sunday night.

Historically, May is our wettest month of the year, and it sure is trying to prove itself. Looking at next week, there isn’t a day where we don’t have at least some rain/storm chances. Although it is unlikely you see rain every single day due to the scattered nature of the storms. As of right now, we are not included in any severe outlooks. This could change. Too soon to start talking about any specifics, we’ll be watching closely. About 3-4″ of rain expected thru next Friday.

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