Showers Wednesday AM, Capped Afternoon? More Rain Chances Thru Sunday

Another very warm day to add onto to our string of other very warm days.

Wednesday and Thursday will follow suit with highs in the low to mid 80s. Friday will begin a weekend of some cooler temps, with highs in the 60s for the most part.

Wednesday morning a band of showers/non-severe storms are expected to move through.

HRRR model above shows a timeframe of 4-8am for the majority of the activity. Lightning and heavy rain possible, but no severe weather expected due to little to no CAPE (storm fuel).

A lot of questions remain for Wednesday afternoon/evening.

“We have been monitoring the threat for severe weather on Wednesday, and overall, the threat is looking minimal for Middle TN at this time.” – NWS Nashville Afternoon AFD

That’s good news, no cap, as the kids would say.

The cap that is expected to be in place tomorrow afternoon and evening (aka Ned) is expected to be strong enough to prevent any storms from forming.

If any storms are able to get going, they would carry the threat of straight-line damaging winds and hail. But as of right now, the cap is expected to be strong enough to hold off any storms from forming.

We should get a break Thursday morning and afternoon, but an unsettled pattern will remain thru Sunday. Timing is hard to nail down due to the scattered nature of the storms. A strong storm cannot be ruled out, but storms are expected to stay below severe limits. We’ll keep ya updated.

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