A Weekend of Fall Arriving As We Speak (Type?)

Tonight will consist of some great football weather. Might want to grab a hoodie on your way out, kickoff temp looks to be in the upper 60s, dipping down to around 60° by the 4th.

Tomorrow morning you’ll step outside and fall will say…

Here It Is Season 6 GIF by Friends

Temps will be in the mid 40s (perfect weather for sipping on a PSL, I know that is controversial), only getting up to the mid 60s. Similar temps Sunday. Perfect weather to go to a lampshade and garden gnome emporium (it’s way cooler than it sounds, trust me).

Next rain chances look to be Thursday or so. Maybe looking at some (strong?) thunderstorm chances, but wayyy too soon to tell. Temps back into the low 80s by midweek. Enjoy the weekend of fall!

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