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One More Shot At Rain/Storms Thursday

Some of us won the lottery today, while others missed out. If you missed out, don’t you worry, tomorrow is another day.

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Tomorrow will have our best chances of the week, also our last chance of rain for the foreseeable future. No severe weather is expected, but some general thunderstorms are possible.

HRRR model (above) think our rain chances begin around 9 or 10am and end around 3 or 4pm. May rain enough to where you could see some rainouts, but your grass will be joyful.

Some more showers are possible late Thursday night and into early Friday morning, as shown below by the HRRR.

After this, rain is not in the forecast until probably late next week. Historically, this is a dry part of the year, and it certainly is doing that.

Fall is still not falling. Summer is winning the tug of war with temps staying in the mid 80’s, dewpoints in the mid to upper 60s.

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