Will We Hit One Hundo?

It was another scorcher today, and we’ll have a few more of those days.

We still are dealing with a daily Heat Advisory until Friday, one for Saturday may be needed too. Vandy’s home opener looks like a sweaty one.

Movie gif. Robert Hays as Ted from Airplane! sweats vigorously, the perspiration dripping down his face and soaking his clothes. He wipes his hand over his brow, to no avail.

Heat index values will be in the 105° – 110° range. If you have to be outside, take frequent breaks in the shade, A/C preferably, and drink plenty of water. Look before you lock, your car is an oven.

Still no rain chances until maybe Saturday. Don’t get too excited, as they aren’t great chances, but better than nothing.

High temps will back off a bit into the upper 80’s by Sunday and we’ll be blessed with that until at least mid next-week.

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