Hopefully Not All The Soggy Ladies

Almost a copy and paste from yesterday. Wattery chances, some of those storms could throw a fit and reach severe limits with some damaging straight-line winds. All storms carry the chances of heavy rain, gusty winds and frequent lightning.

HRRR model thinks not everyone sees rain, only some Wattery winners this afternoon and evening. When thunder roars, go indoors.

If you don’t see any rain today to cool you off, it’ll be hot. Mid 90’s paired with dewpoints in the mid 70’s = heat index values from 100-105° possible. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks!

HRRR model (below) thinks early birds on Saturday start the morning with some rain, maybe a rumble of thunder.

During the day Saturday, we’ll probably stay dry. Rain chances will pick back up during the afternoon and evening. This is not the best timing for all the single soggy(?) ladies.

Here are 4 different opinions for Saturday at 7pm. The good news is, if there is a delay, it does not look to be a multi-hour delay like Taylor or Garth had. I’d bring comfy shoes in case you have to wait it out in the concourse, also for standing the whole concert and singing your heart out. After the rain passes, if there is any, you’ll have a halo around the rest of the night.

God Bless You Beyonce GIF by BRIT Awards

Sunday we get a dry day before rain chances return. As we get towards the middle and back half of next week temps will get near 100°, with hopes of Wattery chances to cool us off.

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