wattery today, Wattery Saturday/Sunday, then back to wattery

wattery was purposely not capitalized today, as the chances won’t be as pronounced.

HRRR model (above) shows coverage fairly scattered. Probably not too many winners today, but those that do win could see some heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning.

Saturday we have the *W*attery to deal with. Should it even rhyme with lottery if the majority of us are likely to win?

HRRR model thinks a good amount of us see at least some rain tomorrow. Most likely towards late afternoon into the evening.

These storms will carry a 5% chance of damaging straight-line winds and/or severe hail within 25 miles. Not worried about tornadoes.

If you have outdoor plans tomorrow, stay connected and keep an eye on the radar. When thunder roars, go indoors.

Sunday we’ll have slightly lower Wattery chances. We are yet again outlooked with a 5% chance of damaging straight-line winds and severe hail within 25 miles. Still not worried about tornadoes.

Monday and Tuesday we may squeeze in one or two dry days before wattery chances pick back up around mid-week. Temps around average for this time of year.

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