Excessive Heat Warning Paired With Severe Weather Chances

Dangerous heat conditions will accompany us today.

Both counties are under an Excessive Heat Warning from now until 8pm Friday.

“dangerously hot conditions with heat index values up to 112° expected”

High temps will reach near 100°, paired with dewpoints in the mid 70’s. disgusting.

Jason Clarke dancing philadelphia philly elmo GIF

This is fire elmo gif long-long-long distance relative. It displays the same message, except u just gotta dance thru the heat (preferably indoors).

Please, if you have to be outside (i recommend chillin’ inside), take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. Check in on your more vulnerable neighbors. Know the signs of heat exhaustion + heat stroke. And as always, never leave kids or pets in the car. Your vehicle is an oven. Pavement will be hot, be mindful of that when walking furry friends.

You’d think we only have one bad thing to deal with, but nonono, we live in middle TN.

Three straight days of severe weather chances. Main concerns will be damaging straight-line winds and hail. Timing each day will be in the early afternoon thru evening. Not worried about tornadoes.

HRRR model thinks we don’t see any rain/storms today. This could be totally wrong and we could see some popups this afternoon and evening. Stay connected. Bright side, if you see a storm, it won’t feel like 100°+, gotta pick and choose your battles.

There is no Excessive Heat or just Heat Advisory issued for tomorrow, but I imagine something will get issued later today. Heat index values are forecasted to get up to 110°. This is of course, if we don’t see any rain/storms in the afternoon, which is possible.

Same story Sunday, disgustingly hot, could get bailed out by some storms (maybe severe!).

Monday and beyond we start to “cool down” into the low 90’s, not much of a difference. Heat index will still be up and around 100°. Daily Wattery chances.

The 4th forecast included in that^. More specific details as we get closer.

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