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Severe Weather Chances and Dangerous Heat Next Three Days.

We have three consecutive days of severe weather chances and/or dangerous heat. Let’s discuss.


Both counties are under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 4pm today. Main concerns are damaging straight-line winds and hail. Not concerned with tornadoes. Updates are constantly flowing, stay connected to our Twitter for frequent updates.

Earlier HRRR model runs hinted at another line of storms coming in tonight. Newer runs no longer show this. We’ll see if anything changes.

Due to clouds and possible storms, it looks unlikely we reach our forecasted high of 96°. I’ll take one less day of dangerous heat.


Friday we are under an Excessive Heat Warning from 11am to 8pm. Heat index values up to 115° are possible. Air temps around 100° paired with dewpoints in the mid 70’s will be the culprit for these dangerous conditions. Please, limit time outdoors. Drink plenty of water. If you just absolutely have to be outside, take frequent breaks.

Heat Cramps, Exhaustion, Stroke

But that’s not all we get to deal with…

Random image

We also have a 5% chance of damaging straight-line winds within 25 miles.

HRRR model (above) thinks the ETA would be around sunset, with most of the activity missing us to the east. We’ll see how this materializes and keep you updated.


Saturday once again we have to deal with dangerous heat. Temps will yet again flirt with the 100° mark, paired with mid 70’s dewpoints will allow heat index values to get up to 110°.

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And yet again we are outlooked for severe weather. Still three days out, so quite a bit of uncertainty with this. As of now, main threats appear to be damaging winds and hail.

Sunday and Beyond

Actual air temps won’t be near 100, but it’ll still be hot. Heat index values will still be around 100°. Daily Wattery chances will bring hope of some relief from the heat.

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