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Higher Than Norm Wattery Chances This Week

Playing the Wattery this week will not be like buying a ticket for the Mega Millions. You’re more likely to see a good bit of rain this week than not, which your crunchy, getting brown grass will appreciate. NWS Nashville puts it perfectly.

Rain chances the next few days will by brought to you by a Low-Pressure System sitting on top of us.

HRRR model (above) shows the showers spinning around the low pressure. No severe weather expected, but a few strong storms with lightning, gusty winds and heavy rain are all possible.

Wattery chances even higher for Tuesday.

Again, no severe weather expected, but a strong storm or two cannot be ruled out.

These daily Wattery chances will continue through at least Friday, when the low pressure system finally scoots away. Wattery chances will still exist, just not as high. High temps will also warm back up towards the 90 degree mark as we get closer to the weekend.

TV gif. Jimmy Fallon as Sara on the Tonight Show wears a long blond wig and braces with a tube top. The character scrunches her nose in disgust and says, "Ew!"

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