Dry, But Not For Long

June 13, 2022 the high got to 97°, which was a record for June 13. Today our high is 80° and dry. I’ll take today.

Tomorrow temps will return to where they ought to be for this time of the year, accompanied by Wattery chances.

HRRR model (above) thinks best chance of seeing any rain/a storm will be around lunch thru the evening. No severe weather expected, but the typical lightning, heavy rain, gusty winds, small hail all possible.

Back Half of The Week

  • Wattery chances exist Thursday and Friday, but they are lower chances
  • Saturday and Sunday carry your best chance of hitting the Wattery
  • No severe weather expected, but lightning, heavy rain, gusty winds, small hail all possible w/ the Wattery
  • High temps in the low 90’s + dewpoints in the upper 60’s = heat index values in the mid 90’s this weekend
  • Good news is a shower/storm would cool you off?

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