Lovely Weather Until Sunday

Been seeing a lot of questions about the smoke/haze. Most of it has exited our area and most of what you saw was fog this morning, with a little haze mixed in. Here’s the current near-surface smoke density.

The worst of it will stay in the NE, far from us. We will see absolutely nothing like New York did. We’ll barely be able to notice it.

Today thru Saturday the weather will be about as nice as it can be for this time of the year. No real rain chances, dewpoints in the low 50’s. About as good as you could ask for whatever is going on downtown this weekend, The Blue Angels, and other outdoor activities.

This will come to an abrupt end Sunday as rain chances come in, and a lot of it. None of the high-res models are in range yet, however timing looks like rain chances start Sunday morning and stick around thru Sunday night.

  • Rainfall totals look to be around an inch
  • Lightning looks possible with instability (storm fuel) being present
  • Although we aren’t outlooked for severe weather right now, we’re keeping an eye on it

Long story short, any outdoor activities, including the CMA Fest and Air Show doesn’t look all that promising right now. This is still days out, so things can change. We’ll keep ya posted.

Beginning of next week we’ll get into a more active weather pattern, with daily Wattery chances. Trends will also have to be monitored for severe weather potential.

Watching Season 10 GIF by One Chicago

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