Clapbacks, Throwbacks, and TheWatteryWillBeBack

I got a wide range of responses from my 90’s themed blog yesterday. I figured the bossman would call me into his office.

Little did he know, I was waiting for this, and had a response.

The Office Boomer GIF by MOODMAN

Another disclaimer, I’ve never seen a second of 90210. I know, shame on me. However, now you may get more 90210 gifs than you bargained for.

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Besides it being on the hot side, today will be niceish. No rain chances. Thankfully the dewpoints are low enough to where we won’t have a heat index.

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Sunday Wattery chances will return for the afternoon/evening. No severe weather expected, but lightning, gusty winds, and heavy rain are all possible. Good news is if you see rain it’ll cool you down?

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  • Wattery chances will hang around Monday thru at least Friday, best chances of you seeing anything will be Monday.
  • We “cool” down to the mid 80s for the rest of the week after Tuesday.

Peek at the CMAs

  • Thursday and Friday Wattery chances exist, however for now they look low. Fingers crossed.
  • Saturday and Sunday are really not worth looking at just yet, models are still in LaLa land.
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