Improvement In The Near Future

Mark Twain Quote: “Continuous improvement is better than delayed ...

I was convinced by some peers this morning to play a round of disc golf. I warned them that we would get soaked, and I got a response of “disc golf for life bro.” Who knew disc golf could be so serious. Sure enough, we got soaked. However, I did play better than I did yesterday – somehow. I’ll take improvement, which is what we’ll get with the weather today.

The HRRR model (above) thinks we clear out for the most part by 1 or 2. Maybe a few lingering showers, but dry for the most part. This morning was ruff, but dog parties and all other afternoon and evening activities look better. Pun absolutely intended.

After the rain moves out we’ll begin a period of drier weather, with a slow warm up.

Sunday will be dry, then slight rain chances will accompany us all week. The majority of us will stay dry, but a few lucky, or unlucky depending on how you see it, may see some rain. Temps will be getting up into the mid 80’s by mid-week, but dewpoints will stay in the upper 50’s so it won’t feel terrible. Enjoy the lower dewpoints while you can, the dog days of summer are just around the corner.

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