Red Flag Warning Today, Replenishing Rain Friday PM, Dry Sat/Sun

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Both counties are under a Red Flag Warning from 11am-7pm today. These aren’t super crazy rare for us, we had two last year, but not all that common either. Relative humidity from 20-25% + wind gusts up to 30mph will mean any fire that starts will likely spread rapidly. Pretty please, do not burn stuff outside today. Pretty please, do not do anything that could create a spark or flame. I asked nicely? Smokey the Bear would greatly appreciate it.

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If you aren’t careful, you could end up like this. Don’t.

Forecast high for today is 85°, as of 10:30am BNA was already at 79°. Record high for today is 87°, I have a feeling we make it there, or get really close.

Friday AM looks like it should stay dry. Once we hit the PM hours, that’s when things get questionable.

A line of rain crosses the TN River in the morning, parks itself on our doorstep, and then finally moves into our area around noon, leaving us with on/off rain for the rest of the day. No severe weather, but maybe a rumble of thunder or two. No flooding expected either, rain totals around an inch or less.

Rain will be gone by Saturday morning and we’ll stay dry for the rest of the weekend. Temps for the marathon will start out in the low 50’s and make it up into the low 60’s. Not too shabby.

Saturday/Sunday night bring chances of patchy frost. Might wanna cover up yo plants.

Rain chances return Tuesday, doesn’t look like anything crazy right now.

Also for those curious, you don’t need to be in a drought to have critical fire conditions. Latest drought monitor came out today, nada in the whole state.

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