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Not Much News Is Good News?

Really not much to cover here. Temps around average, some rain chances. No severe weather. Boring weather is good weather though?

I do not fault you if you look like this reading the blog.

Video gif. Middle aged white man in a baseball cap sits in bleachers with arms folded across his chest. His eyes are closed and his head drops like he's nodding off to sleep.

Anyway, some rain chances come in around lunch, maybe sooner. There’s some pretty dry air sitting above the surface, so it may take a while for the rain to actually make it to the ground. A rain jacket or umbrella, and it’ll not be bothersome. Should clear out for evening plans/SEC tourney goers.

Some light rain moves in overnight. Maybe too light to hear on your window to help you fall asleep. It’ll be gone by sunrise Friday.

Friday thru the majority of Saturday look dry. Some small rain chances pick up Saturday night, but it all may hold off until Sunday.

Sunday looks wet and gross. But, no real severe weather or flooding chances, so we’ll take that.

Monday thru at least Wednesday appear they’ll be dry. Tuesday and Wednesday morning we’ll wake up to temperatures below freezing. Keep those jackets on deck. Those may not be the only mornings we freeze next week.

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