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Six More Weeks of Winter? Not So Fast, Phil

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The groundhog who pretends he knows the future thinks we’ll get six more weeks of winter. Little does he know we just got three straight days of it and we are all tired of it. I’m more of a prairie dog fan myself, they don’t act like they know the weather.

Good thing is that system is in the past.

BNA is currently at 34° and should make it to near 40°, let melting commence. Rain showers stay to our south today.

Friday and Saturday morning will be cold with lows in the lower 20’s, wind chills in the upper teens. At least we’ll see the sun on Friday, finally.

We’ll have a dry weekend – for the first time in what feels like forever.

High temps in the 60’s early next week.

Next rain chance maybe Wednesday – too far out to tell.

Hopefully this was a much easier read than some of the previous blogs.

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