No-Worry-Flurries, Blerg Conditions Today

Sorry snow lovers, but you’ll only get to look at the snow falling today. We comfortably sit above freezing and will stay that way all day (until tonight, but snow will stop before that). No impacts are expected. Head to the Plateau for snowman building.

Some breezy conditions today will leave us with a wind chill in the mid/upper 20’s.

Blerg requirements:

  • Below 40°
  • No rain
  • No snow
  • No sun

While at times it may flurry, for a majority of the day, we’ll have Blerg conditions. How fun!

The Office gif. Leslie David Baker as Stanley Hudson looks pointedly across the room, his arms folded over his chest in a way that says, "I'm over this."

Our cool lookin’ flurries will head out by tonight, leaving us dry for the weekend. A dry weekend? Shocking, I know.

Temperatures won’t be the best, with highs in the 40’s on Saturday and 50’s on Sunday, with lows dipping below freezing each night. We’ll get back up into the 60’s by Tuesday, with rain chances returning for Monday. No severe weather, just rain.

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