Stupid Cold Incoming, Frozen Precipitation?

The days leading up to Thursday and Friday won’t be the nicest temperature wise, but compared to what the temperatures will be, you’ll be wishing we were in the 40’s…

Friday’s temps…yikes. Temps like that will linger around through Christmas weekend.

“Bitterly cold and dry conditions are expected to continue through the holiday weekend, with lows in the single digits and teens and highs only in the 20s through at least Christmas Day. Temperatures could be even colder than currently shown if we get substantial snow cover. Wind chills will also fall as low as 10 below zero at times, which would be well into our wind chill advisory criteria if it pans out.”

– NWS Nashville Morning AFD

Wind chills at -10 degrees is just downright dangerous. Start thinking now about exposed pipes and pets outside.

We should be dry until Thursday – which is when things get interesting.

The two major global models, the GFS and Euro, agree and disagree on some things.

What they agree on:

  • it will get stupid cold

What they disagree on:

  • how much moisture will be present
  • the timing of the stupid cold

The GFS thinks cold temps arrive early with the moisture, increasing snow potential. The Euro thinks the cold air arrives after the moisture moves through, leaving us with nothing but cold temperatures. We really won’t have a better idea on which one, if either, are right until early next week. Until then, snow-lovers, you’ll just have to anxiously await.

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