One More Dry Day Before A Wet Week

Today will be chilly, with high temps only reaching the upper 40’s, but will at least be rain-free.

In between watching football and what not today, it’d be a great idea to go check your gutters and drains, chances are they likely have something obstructing them (leaves, twigs, etc.) and with all the rain coming up – it always helps when water flows where it is supposed to go.

The wet week really starts on Monday, as the HRRR model shows on/off showers starting Monday morning.

The model only goes out until Tuesday at 6a, but I’ll let the EURO pick up where it left off.

The timing probably won’t be spot on as this is still a few days out, but more gives you an idea that it’s going to rain, a lot.

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I don’t think widespread flash flooding is likely, but some isolated spots could see some if heavy rain trains over the same areas. River levels will also have to be closely watched, especially towards the end of the week as the rainfall totals pile up.

Rain chances are here daily until at least Saturday…on a positive notes at least temperatures will be somewhat mild.

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