Today Looks Like A Treat, Sunday and Monday May Have Tricks

Really nice late October Saturday. Looks like the rain should hold off all day, so outdoor Halloween activities look to have the green light. Worst case scenario, there’s a quick lil’ shower, doubt it though.

Rain looks to move in over night, probably close to midnight. Rain looks to be on/off all day Sunday. Here’s the HRRR model.

  • No real ETA’s for if/when it will rain
  • No severe weather, can’t rule out a rumble of thunder, but even that is unlikely

“Will my plans at ‘x’ place at ‘y’ time get rained out? Do I need to change my outdoor plans?”

To that, I don’t know. This entirely depends on your situation, it may rain at one Halloween party and at the next one stay completely dry. Everyone will likely see rain at some point tomorrow, it just all depends on what time. I personally, wouldn’t cancel my plans, maybe just some cover nearby in case a shower decides to swing by. You may get a little wet trick or treating, but is all that candy worth it?

More of the same going on Monday, however a lot less coverage in rain. HRRR model isn’t in range yet, but other models show scattered showers few and far in between. More likely to get dry Halloween plans in on Monday compared to Sunday. Dressing like Georgie so you have a nice yellow rain jacket may not be the worst idea.

Rainfall totals Saturday-Monday look to be around 0.25″ – 0.5″, will certainly help towards the drought.

We dry out on Tuesday and remain dry for the majority of the rest of the week. Models disagree about rain chances Wednesday, more details on that in the coming days. Really nice temperatures to start out November.

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