Rain Chances + Humidity Have Returned For The Weekend

Mother nature thought one day of nice weather was all we deserved, as dewpoints creep back up into the mid 60s.

Rain chances are a thing today, but the HRRR thinks most of us end up dry today. If the model is right, Friday night football looks good to go.

Saturday looks like not a total washout, but some places will receive more rain than others.

The majority of the rain looks to fall in the first half of the day Saturday, beginning to clear out sometime in the afternoon/evening. PM outdoor plans may be spared. Doesn’t look like there will be much, if any lightning with these showers, no severe weather expected.

Sunday doesn’t look like a complete washout for the Titans game/other outdoor activities.

Tailgate weather looks like it should be mainly dry, rain chances increase as we get closer to kickoff. Scattered showers/lightningstorms on/off possible throughout the entire game. Lightning delay looks like a possibility, no severe weather expected. Packaponcho if you plan to go out to the game, and maybe some patience waiting out a possible lightning delay.

We clear out Monday to set ourselves up for a fairly nice week. No real rain chances and humidity will be fall-like with dewpoints in the low to mid 50s. Temps gradually increase throughout the week.

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