FNL 🏈 Forecast, Etc. Clear Eyes, Lightning Safety, Can’t Lose.

I took my kid to the orthodontist yesterday and greeted the two lovely reception staffers with a sincere Hello Teeth People! They said we are more than that! Indeed! They shined light through the office while they straightened teeth. Also they had some great teeth hygiene analogies that has got me flossing more. May your Friday encounter these lights, not storms, but you may encounter a storm.

This morning I tweeted:

I can’t find a single high res model that thinks it won’t rain in Middle Tennessee this afternoon and/or tonight. The hard part is when or where. The truth is the models don’t know.

  • Bring rain gear tonight. You may not need it but you may end up NEEDING it.
  • Lightning will be possible, if not likely, in most storms. Retreating to your cars or inside a building is the only move. Underneath the bleachers/trees/next to tall people offers no protection.
  • We are not outlooked for winds/tornado/hail but “any storm that develops over the next few days will present the risk of strong winds (40-50 mph), heavy rains and lightning, especially during the afternoon hours. If you have outdoor plans, remain weather aware.” –NWS-Nashville, AM Forecast Disco, 8/26/22.

Humidity will remain near the top of the Uncomfortable scale for the foreseeable future. Feels like how you feel when you have not showered for more than a day or so.

Wattery showers/storms will randomly appear each afternoon and evening from here through next week.

  • Saturday looks like the lowest probability of “winning” a shower.
  • Chances go up Sunday and Monday, then Tuesday they go up a little more. That’s when a front approaches and sets up widespread rain potential.

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