Rainy (Stormy) Weekend, Clearing Out Next Week

Ongoing showers/lightningstorms will continue through the afternoon/evening, clearing out (hopefully, no pinky promises) for nighttime activities – including good ole’ Titans preseason. Things could very well change, we’ll be posting all the updates on Twitter. Below is what the HRRR model thinks will happen. A good amount of these storms will contain lightning, which is sorta (very) dangerous – when thunder roars, go indoors.

Sunday looks gloomy. Rain/lightningstorms look to be on/off for a majority of the day.

There is no ETA for these, they’ll just drift along as they please, pop-up, crash down, there is unfortunately no way of knowing exactly when and where. If you have outdoor activities, keep an eye on the radar for better specifics.

A storm or two may go rogue and reach severe limits for hail and damaging winds, but not worried about tornadoes.

There may be a few lingering showers Monday morning, but most all the action should have moved through, leading to a clear week. Monday – Friday look fairly dry, with only the small chance of rain daily, but unlikely. Temps pretty average for this time of year, with humidity being quite tame as dewpoints only reach the low 60’s.

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