Typical August Weather, Ft. Help From Paintballs

It will certainly feel like August as high temps get into the low 90’s, although we could fail to make it there if cloud cover starts to dominate. Dewpoints in the low 70’s will make it feel gross.

Models don’t expect the cluster of storms in Kentucky to make it down here. The HRRR model doesn’t even think we get any rain today, but other models respectfully disagree.

This image shows 10 different models, each color representing a different model. Where the paintball splatters are is where each model thinks rain will be the afternoon. There is a good bit of disagree between models on where it’ll rain, if it does at all. Long story short, it may rain this afternoon and it’s impossible to tell exactly when and where with a summertime atmosphere.

Wednesday and Thursday are copy and paste. Wattery chances both days, highs in the low 90’s and gross dewpoints will make it uncomfortable outside.

Better rain chances this weekend (of course) but too far away for any details, will become clearer as we get closer. Temps hang around the low 90’s for a while.

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