Super Soaking Rain This Morning, Maybe More This Weekend?

Some real drought busting rain moving through this morning. Watch out for water over roads and as always, turn around, don’t drown.

HRRR model thinks the current rain moves out by a bit after lunchtime. It then thinks, emphasis on thinks, we stay clear for the remainder of the day. I have my doubts about this, our atmosphere will still be water-loaded. The Wattery may hand out more winning tickets, and they may not be as rare as the one-billion-dollar winning ticket. Outdoor planners stay connected and informed but so far looks okay. If storms do form, more chances of flash flooding and a low probability of a strong storm or two. Not worried about tornadoes.

Saturday is full of questions. When is it not though? The guidance we have from the HRRR model says we stay dry throughout almost the entirety of the day. The HRRR might be cappin’ and we could get some Wattery winners.

It appears that we may get a dry soccer game? I end that with a “?” because I feel like GEODIS is almost a magnet for rain. Maybe mother nature thinks we are just too good and tries to stop us? I dunno. Light showers look to follow after the game.

Sunday looks wettttt. But how much?

NAM3k model thinks some early morning showers/storms, followed by another round sometime mid-morning. This is still several days out, so a lot could will change. Right now, it appears Sunday afternoon/evening will be dry, but I don’t particularly have the most trust in the NAM family.

Monday through midweek looks like typical Wattery chances, but not as good as chances as we have had.

Don’t let the mid/upper 80’s fool you, humidity/dewpoint will still feel oppressive and muggy. And those 90’s I know everyone misses so much returning midweek.

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