“Likely” Rain/Storms, Maybe Too Much? Excessive Heat Begone.

If I had 3 words to sum up the next 7 days…

It Gon Rain | Devpost

Thankfully I don’t have a word limit.

Rain this morning is staying to our north in Kentucky.

HRRR model (above) thinks those morning showers fizzle out up there, and it’s not until this afternoon when winning Wattery tickets are handed out. More storms also expected to form after sunset. Storm Prediction Center removed us from any severe weather chances, including tornadoes, lightning is possible with any of the storms, which is enough to alter outdoor plans.

Our atmosphere will be water-loaded, meaning any of these storms if they become stationary, or several storms “train” over the same area, flash flooding could ensue. The Weather Prediction Center outlooked us for a 15-40% chance of flash flooding within 25 miles.

It’s entirely possible you see no rain today or a lot. The Wattery is random.

More rain possible Tuesday, coverage doesn’t look to be as widespread as today. See below.

Weather Prediction Center (WPC) has us outlooked for 5-15% chance of flash flooding tomorrow. Storm Prediction Center has us 5% chance of damaging winds, for the possibility of a microburst.

Wednesday – Friday look very wet, as WPC has outlooked us for a 15-40% chance of flash flooding within 25 miles each of those days. Saturday and Sunday looks rainy too. Outdoor weekend plans look questionable.

Next 7 day rain totals look to range from 3-5″, maybe more, maybe less. That amount of rain spread out throughout the next week is okay, but if a portion of that decides to come down in just a few hours, that’s when problems start.

All this rain will keep the temps down, but how much?

Early in the week temps still look the reach the low 90’s before rain starts. Later in the week when more rain is expected, the mid 80’s look to be where we max out. It’ll still feel muggy as dewpoints stay in the upper 60’s/low 70’s. Still not fall y’all.

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