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Today The King Returns, When Will The Rain?

This cold weather may have you feeling like Josh Norman.

Regular Season No GIF by NFL

And these temps aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

However, besides the cold temps, today is a great day for some Titans football.

No rain or frozen precipitation today. Besides for maybe a few cirrus clouds streaming in, the sun will be out today which should help to make it not feel so cold.

HRRR Wind Chills 10a-11p

Although the actual temperature will be in the mid 30’s, the wind chills will be stuck in the mid 20’s and fall back into the upper teens after sunset. You’ll want to layer up for the tailgate, the game, and the after party.

National Football League Win GIF by NFL

Sunday – A Little Less Cold

Temperatures will “warm” up to the mid 40’s, which will probably feel really good compared to the past few days.

It might be worth mentioning the HRRR has some flurries passing through Sunday afternoon. *If* you do see some flurries, they would not cause any trouble. It is also worth mentioning the HRRR is the only model showing such flurries. Here it is:

Next Rain (Or Snow) Chance?

Maybe Tuesday? Some models show some rain passing by, not much, if any. Some models show absolutely nothing. Older model runs had a little snow but recent runs do not. Details will become more clear in the next day or so. I have more faith in Henry 150+ rushing yards than this.

2018 Nfl Football GIF by NFL

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