Sunny and Cool Start to October

Beautiful Thursday Ahead

No clouds to be seen this morning!

A dry cold front will go through this morning, bringing cooler temps and drier conditions.

High temps will be about 5° lower than yesterday, at around 73°. We’ll have a west-northwest breeze throughout the afternoon.

Dry conditions continue into the evening hours. Temps will be dropping into the mid to lower 50s through midnight. If you have any evening plans, you may want to grab that jacket on your way out the door!

Friday Night Lights

Friday afternoon will look a lot like today, just a little bit cooler. High temps will be in the mid to upper 60s.

You may want to bring a jacket or blanket to those football games! Temps will be dipping into the lower 50s by the end of the game (around 10 pm).

Looking Ahead

The sun will still be hanging around by Saturday for those college football games!

Temps will be making their way back into the lower 70s, so it will be feeling great!

Our next chance of rain will be on Sunday. It is too early to say what areas will be affected and how much rain will fall, so keep an eye on future forecasts if you have any outdoor plans!

Not ready for the cold yet? Next week’s forecast is for you!

More sunshine, and temps into the upper 70s and possibly lower 80s!