Today 2020 Is So Much Better Than Today 2019*

Schitts Creek Reaction GIF by CBC

*denotes weather only.

Let’s hit the wayback machine to September 30, 2019:

It also was not raining. From Sept 29, 2019:

Southwest winds today here in 2020 will take us to 77° this afternoon.

Winds could gust as high as 25 mph throughout the day.

You may want to switch on the heat tonight. Temps will dip down near 54° tonight.

Foggy Mornings Possible

You may have noticed some patchy fog this morning, especially over bodies of water.

This will be a running theme throughout the rest of the week. This is due to the water being warmer than the air temps above it.

Any fog should clear up during the morning hours.

Goodbye Warmer Southwest Winds, Hello Colder North Winds.

That’ll drive highs down around five degrees each day. High Thursday 72°, Friday 66°.

Colder mornings, too. Mid 40°s early Friday and Saturday mornings.

For those Friday Night Lights, you may want to grab that jacket or blanket on your way out the door. Expect 60° at kickoff, dropping through the 50°s during the game. Winds light, but you’ll probably feel them if you’re just sitting there.

Looking Ahead

The sunshine will hang out into Saturday, perfect for college football! Temps will stay in the lower 70s throughout the afternoon.

A cold front will come through Sunday, which will give us a slight chance of rain. There is no signal what areas will be affected and how much rain will fall yet, so this will be something for us to watch in the coming days.