Cooler Temps AND Sunny Skies? Say Less! (Also we may not be done with tropical systems).

It’s going to feel great today!

Highs will be near 76° with a nice breeze and clear skies!

Temps will drop into the lower 50s tonight. If you have any outdoor plans, you might want to grab a light jacket!

Cool and Clear Next Week

Quiet conditions will be the story for most of the forecast, with just below average temperatures and no precip chances through at least next Wednesday.

NWS Area Forecast Discussion

There’s nothing much else to say: it will continue to feel great outside!

The only difference between the forecast for today and the forecast for next week is a slight increase in temps (right around a degree a day).

Possible Impacts from Beta?

There is another tropical system in the Gulf.

Beta formed yesterday and is expected to impact the Texas and Louisiana coasts Monday night. It’s a super slow mover. It’ll wander around the western side of the gulf coast for most of next week.

cone graphic

Models seem to be going back and forth on if we’ll be affected by the remnants of the storm. If we were to get anything, it would be late next week or into the following Monday as a soaking rain. Data is contradictory and inconsistent. Some data shows rain, other data says no.

This will be something to keep our eye on in the coming days!