Prepare for Cold

Current Temps and Radar

Getting much colder. Watch the graph below. It’s going the wrong way.

Thursday – Colder. Much Colder – Wake Up 26°, High 31°

The wake up wind chill is 14°. Fourteen!

Overnight temps will drop into the teens. Ugh.

Friday – COLD – Wake Up 16°, High 37°

Just look at this:

So. Cold.

Monday/Tuesday snow potential:

Weather models spit out “solutions” (what it thinks will happen) on a daily basis. The GFS model “runs” 4 times a day. The Euro model runs twice a day. Not only do these not agree with themselves from run to run, but they also disagree with each other.

Here’s what NWS-Nashville noted about the model solutions for Monday/Tuesday:

Yeah. We don’t know either. Could be rain. Or snow. Or sleet. Or ice. Or all of this. Only thing we have some measure of confidence about: there will be precip.

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