4 Days & 4 Nights Below Freezing

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#StupidCold (c: Paul Heggen)

Windy Today

Today – Stupid Cold – Decreasing Temps Throughout Day

The cold front that produced a spotty dusting of snow this morning is gone.

As I write this, arctic air is filing into Middle Tennessee, courtesy of an epic high pressure centered in the Plains, seen here:

21z cold arctic air

A Wind Chill Advisory begins at 3 PM. Temps will fall into the teens and winds will be around 15 mph, gusting as high as 30 mph. Wind chills will be between 0° and -10° until 9 AM tomorrow morning.

(Get it? Stupid cold ^)

We are expected to remain below freezing until Sunday. The last time we were this cold for 4 consecutive days was in 2010 and the longest streak was 12 days set back in 1895.

Thursday COLD – Wake Up 3°, High 24°

We will begin the day with a low very near to 0° and a wind chill as low as -5°.

A southerly wind and sunny skies will help us “warm” into the mid 20°s during the afternoon.

Friday – Still Cold – Wake Up 18°, High 31°

Winds will decrease, so the wind chill will be less of a factor. Mostly sunny skies and southerly winds will help Nashville reach near to the freezing mark (32°) for our high temperature. Overnight the winds will become northerly and push our low into the preteens.

You might consider coping by eating ice cream, embracing and luxuriating in the cold, and fighting cold with more cold.



We will remain below or at freezing until Sunday… Unfortunately rain will join the warmer temps.

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