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The Sun

Has nothing to do with weather, but whoa.

Temp/Wind Chill, Rain, Snow next 48 Hours:

Today – Clouds Clearing – High 44°

The large low pressure system that is tracking up the East Coast (aka, the nor’easter) will help pump cooler and drier air in on the back of a north wind. Here is a look at what the NAM is thinking the jet stream (upper level winds) and the the nor’easter will look like at noon.

18z 300mb winds

This cooler and drier air will help clear out the cloud cover after noon. The HRRR is showing the clouds will mix out around 1 PM.

Visible Satellite Loop (let it load):

The Sun!

Friday – Rebound – Wake Up 27°, High 49°

After a cold morning, calm winds and sunny skies will help us rebound into the upper 40’s.

Saturday – Warming – Wake Up 30°, High 53°

We will start off below freezing once again, but will crack into the 50’s for our high during the afternoon.

We will continue this warming trend into the beginning of next week.

Extended Forecast:


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