Pleasant Weekend & A Peek Ahead

Today – Sunny & Dry –  High 78°

A dry cold front will work its way through Middle Tennessee late this afternoon into the evening, bringing sunny conditions with it.

Saturday – October-Like Weather Returns – Wake Up 51°, High 66°

The dry cold front will usher in more cool and dry air.

SundayPleasant – Wake Up 44°, High 63°

These cool and dry conditions will be in autopilot into the latter half of next week. No rain expected in the foreseeable future.



Taking a peek 6- 10 days ahead:

The National Weather Service produced a 6-10 day national outlook for both precipitation and temperature. Meaning, this outlook will tell us how October 22nd through October 26th is trending.

6 – 10 day Temperature Outlook.

6-10 temp outlook

6 – 10 day Precipitation Outlook.

6-10 precip outlook

The NWS believes that Wednesday through Sunday of next week will be slightly cooler and drier than the seasonal average. After looking at the long range models, it doesn’t look like we will dip below freezing anytime soon.

Winter Outlook:

The Climate Prediction Center issued its precipitation and temperature forecast. The CPC also stated on October 9th “that the ocean and atmospheric coupling necessary to declare an El Niño has not yet happened, so they continued the El Niño Watch with a 67 percent chance of development by the end of the year.” What’s that mean? During El Niño years, the Southeast experiences more precipitation than normal. Here is a look at the CPC’s Winter Outlook Maps.


temp winter outlook


winter precip outlook

The CPC believes that we will be cooler than the seasonal average and have an equal chance to either be drier or wetter than normal. If we do move into an El Niño phase, expect to be wetter than normal. Here is a video that explains it all!

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