A Pleasant Left Handed Forecast

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

Today is National Left Handers Day. I would like to shed some light on some of the struggles that lefties go through.

So if you know a left hander be sure to give them a huge . . .

P.S. I wrote this entire post with my left hand only.

Today– Pleasant – High 83

Another round of unseasonably cool weather is underway!

In addition, a north wind will keep the humidity low. The oppressive humidity has temporarily been displaced.

Here is what this pleasant air mass looks like on a water vapor satellite imagery.

water vapor

Orange = very dry, Black = dry, white = wet, blue = very wet

Bust out the watering hoses, because we will be rain free for the rest of the work week and much of the weekend. Note: I have retired from the lawn care business indefinitely. :p

Thursday & Friday – Warming Up

We will stay rain free with very low humidity, but temps will be on the rise. Thursday, the high will top out in the mid 80’s. By Friday, look for highs in the upper 80’s (a degree or two shy of normal).

Late Friday night, the pleasant north wind will turn into a south wind, and begin to pump in humidity and higher temps.

Extended Forecast: