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Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

I imagine today’s weather was exactly like the weather when Ferris took his day off.

ferris buellers day off animated GIF

Today – Cool, Sunny & DryHigh 81

The cold front remains well south of us, locking in this unseasonably cool and dry weather.

(Editor’s Note: The Intern 2.0 posted a Weather Channel water vapor image, above. His ankle is already broken, so we have him doing push-ups as punishment.)

(Another Editor’s Note: Either I don’t get this cowbell thing, or I get it and just don’t think it’s funny.)

We came up 3° short of the record low this morning (61°; the record is 58°, set back in 1925). Tomorrow morning, we will take another run at the record low for July 30, 58° set in 1965.

Wednesday Perfection – Wake Up 59, High 85

We will once again be cool, sunny, and dry, with the Northerly wind continuing to blow in that cool Canadian air.

If you went to the beach to escape the heat, well, you played and lost the weather lottery.

ThursdayProbably Still Awesome –  Wake Up 62, High 85

Humidity will start to crawl back in throughout the day. With moisture in the atmosphere, we will have a very slight chance of a shower during the afternoon hours. I am not holding my breath on rain chances though. Expect another awesome and unseasonably cool day!

Extended Forecast:


This Fall-like football weather will continue throughout the weekend, with only a very slight risk of rain.

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