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Today – Hot, Showers & Thunderstorms Possible – High 93

We will be hot once again with pop up showers and thunderstorms possible after “High Noon”. High noon is when both the hour hand and the minute hand point straight up at 12 O’ Clock. If this were an old western movie there would be three paces and a draw…

high noon - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox 2014-06-23 10.06.55

…instead we will have scattered showers.

There HRRR’s Simulated radar depicts the pop up showers perfectly on its simulated radar. this loop begins at 11 AM and ends at 8 PM.

Overnight our chances for rain will continue to increase as a disturbance from the West makes its way into “our parts”.

Overnight our Sheriff (High pressure) will be thrown out of town by the night rider (the disturbance aka the frontal system) leaving room for more disturbances to roll into town… Western movie analogy is now complete.

Tuesday – Thunderstorms Likely – Wake Up 71, High 87

By daybreak there will be showers and thunderstorms making there way through Middle Tennessee.

The NAM puts a line of thunderstorms just to our West by 7 AM.

12z NAM

It will rain off and on all day!

The National Weather Service thinks that the heaviest rainfall will be in the afternoon with some locations approaching 2 inches.

The SPC does not believe any thunderstorms will become severe.

Overnight the National Weather Service is forecasting that thunderstorms will be likely.

Wednesday– Partly Sunny, Chance Of Showers- Wake Up 71, High 86

Lingering showers will continue during the morning hours, then pop up showers will begin to develop in the afternoon.

Our chances for showers and thunderstorms will decrease during the overnight hours.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:


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