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Saturday – Partly Sunny, Pop up shower possible – High 91

Happy first day of Summer and Summer Solstice! Today also happens to be the longest day of the year because of the angle of the sun overhead.

summer solstice

The Summer Solstice marks the day when the sun is most directly overhead in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day the most direct suns rays are found 23.5 degrees North (Tropic of Cancer). This means this summer is just heating up…

melting cat

I do not think we will reach the melting point of cats but we could see some triple digits as we get deeper into summer.

Weather today:

We will have a chance for pop up showers this afternoon but the National Weather Service believes that the best chance will be before 2 PM. Around this time a drier Northwest flow of wind will begin to dominate Middle Tennessee and destroy any chances for rain and lower the humidity.

Overnight we will start cloudy and then they will gradually decrease until morning.

Sunday – Mostly Sunny & Drier – Wake Up 68, High 93

The Northwest flow of wind will keep us dry and rain free on Sunday!

Enjoy the dry heat because it wont last…

Monday – Partly Sunny, Southwest Winds Return – Wake Up 69, High 93

During the morning hours the winds will shift to once again to a southerly flow. This will increase moisture (humidity) and increase our chances for pop up showers in the afternoon due to day time heating.

The NAM is showing Showers in Middle Tennessee by 1 PM.

18z NAM

The National Weather Service thinks our best chance for showers and thunderstorms will be anytime after 8 AM.

Overnight we will be mostly cloudy and hold on to a chance for showers and thunderstorms.

Official Extended NWS Forecast: