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SundayHOT! – High 91

If you are planning to be outside this afternoon with your Old Man (term of endearment)  be sure to pack sunscreen and drink lots of water.

As the temp climbs into the low 90s the dew points will stay in the 60 to 70 degree range… This means it will feel much hotter! In fact the real feel will make the high temp feel like it is in the mid 90s.

We will be Sunny throughout the day and become partly cloudy overnight.

Fathers Day song:

Monday Mostly Sunny & Hot – Wake Up 68, High 91

High pressure will keep us rain free and mostly sunny but lower level humidity will make for a hot and sticky day…

The real feel will be in the upper 90s.

Tuesday– Mostly Sunny & Hotter- Wake Up 70, High 92

Another hot and sticky day with the real feel temp topping out close to 100 degrees.

funny hot temp - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox 2014-06-15 10.51.55

The good news is we will remain rain free!

Extended NWS Forecast


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