Another Round Of Severe Weather Possible.

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Thursday Strong to severe storms – High 87

We have another chance for severe weather here in Nashville. Another MCS (Cluster of thunderstorms) is pushing in from the central plains towards Tennessee. The Storm Prediction Center puts Nashville right on the edge of a slight risk for severe weather.

SPC Day 1
The Further Southwest you go the better the chance that there will be to have severe storms. Just because Northeastern portions are not within the yellow shaded area does not mean that you will not see severe weather… be #weatheralert!

The RAP puts the leading edge of the system just Southwest of Nashville at 3 PM.

20z rap

According to this model we can expect the cluster of storms to push completely through by 6 PM. It also appears that the system will just clip us.

The High- Res NAM is forecasting the rain to stay a bit further Northeast and it will begin push through Nashville at 5 PM.

22z NAM

According to the HR NAM the showers and thunderstorms should be out of Williamson and Davidson Counties by 11 PM.

The HRRR is forecasting the showers and thunderstorms to stay South of Nashville and and arrive around 5 PM

22z HRRR

This model predicts the chance for storms will be over by 9 PM.

We will have a chance for rain all day and then the MCS will push through sometime between 3 PM and 11 PM!

FridayMostly cloudy, Thunderstorms – Wake Up 66, High 86

Tomorrow morning will begin with a chance for rain… Another disturbance (according to the NAM) will begin to march through Nashville at 7 AM.

12z NAM

We will continue to have a chance for rain throughout the rest of the day into the overnight hours.

The SPC believes that the severe storms will stay well Southwest of Nashville.

spc day 2

There is still a chance we will see strong thunderstorms from this disturbance.

SaturdayPartly sunny, Thunderstorms – Wake Up 66, High 88

More rain is predicted and the NAM believes it will begin around 10 AM…

15z NAM

… We will have a chance for rain all day and night.

The SPC believes that the severe weather will stay of to our West.

spc day 3

Again… This does not negate our chance to see strong storms or even an isolated severe storm further east than predicted.

I feel we will continue to see flash flood warnings the next few days…. Stay safe and turnaround don’t drown!

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